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Our focus today is constructing projects to include new healthy sustainable building technologies.

Our Story

MC Building started 40 years ago with a simple vision in mind. Provide the value to homeowners that they need and that they deserve. Now after 40 years and a new generation taking over, MC Building has expanded its horizons to building with modern times in mind. The new times have called for new methods to build the homes and these new methods are being endorsed by many companies interested in supplying MC Building with their products.

With these companies on board, MC Building has been able to make a name for itself by giving homeowners the eco-friendly homes that come loaded with features. Based out of Darien, MC Building has made its way around the Chicagoland area building homes in various neighborhoods and various styles of home. No two MC Building homes will ever be built the same as no two people will live the same lifestyle that these homes are created for.

A Recent Picture – The Bagley House – Built  1894

Why We’re Different

MC Building is not a cookie-cutter home builder. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best value for their buck as well as building the home with a modern twist. All of MC Building’s homes include healthy building products that improve not only the quality of the home but the home owner’s quality of life. We use these products in ways that people have never seen before.

How many homes have you been in that utilize healthy building products that make a noticeable difference in the owner’s life? Our products go from infrared saunas all the way to your coffee maker in the morning to behind the scenes with our ventilation systems to breathe healthy air all day long all the way to outside on the roof with our solar panels to cut your electricity cost. This is the MC Building difference, Custom Built with a Healthy Tilt.

Check out our 2×4 exterior WALL ASSEMBLY detailed illustration

MC Building has researched to combine these outstanding building components to construct our high-performance exterior wall assembly for 2×4 wood construction offered in all our homes. Our wall system boasts an R22 insulation value.

Please probe the detailed illustration and all the featured building component companies through the links to their websites.

The listed product companies have representatives available to answer all your important questions.

– North American Specialty Products Form-a-drain foundation drainage 1
– Stego Industries Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier basement floor 2
– DCA Construction Products Expand-Tite 200 Hydrophilic flexible waterstop 3
– DCA Construction Products Durajoint Waterstop moisture protection 4
– Propex Fibermesh concrete floor reinforcement 5
– R MAX Thermasheath – SI structural and insulation 4×8 board 6
– Rubber Polymer Corp. Rub-R-Wall Foundation waterproofing 7
– MiTek Posi-Strut Open Web Floor Joist System 8
– PABCO Gypsum Quiet Rock drywall all tall walls 9
– Hohmann & Barnard Inc. Masonry wall ties exterior walls 11
– Advanced Building Products mortairvent cavity space exterior walls 12
– Certainteed Corp. Roofing
– Certainteed Corp. Membrain exterior walls 13
– Certainteed Corp. Insulsafe loose wall insulation 14
– Henkel Corp. OSI MAX window caulking 15 not illustrated
– DuPont Great Stuff interior window foam insulation, subfloor adhesive 16
and Froth Pak foam sealant insulation 16
– DuPont XPS Perimate Styrofoam Insulation Panels 17

Our Chief Officer’s Resume

Build With Us

We’ve enjoyed building many construction projects since 1978, as we possess over 40 years of experience in every aspect of construction. We remain small and local so you enjoy one on one relationship. We build one house at a time, never overextending our capabilities of quality control.