Full Body Dryer

MC Building, Inc. has added another quality building product to promote: Full Body Dryer …feel the luxurious breeze

About Full Body Dryer

Valiryo introduces a new and innovative way to dry your body after a shower. And you can also enjoy a double pleasure…first water massage and then air massage!

Valiryo offers air streamed massages that relax both your body and mind ……
….and any time you want to unwind…..

The Valiryo is a fully automated body drying device that revolutionizes the way we dry ourselves. The Valiryo unit Installs directly inside the shower area. The Valiryo body drying unit replaces the conventional towel with a skin friendly, germ free, antibacterial and highly pleasant air stream and is generated by an extremely efficient electrical power plant.

The time has arrived to rid ourselves of a damp and bacterial laden towel. And experience the new Valiryo Full Body Dryer today. Your skin will be rewarded with smoothness, energy and vitality.

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.