In meeting these objectives MC Building, Inc. has highlighted another quality building product: Homosote 440 Sound Barrier Board

We at MC Building, Inc. endeavor to build healthier by including important known features of everyday life into our design of construction details (behind the walls). An important piece of home construction is building a quiet home and within the home quiet rooms.

About Homosote

Homosote is: The oldest manufacturer of building products made from recycled materials in the U.S. Each production day Homosote Company recycles up to 100 tons of cellulose fiber. This unique process eliminates more than 30 million pounds of solid waste that would otherwise wind up in one of our landfills. MC Building, Inc. devotes a generous learning effort in building healthy homes and we believe sound control is a very important quality. Our intended design for an exterior wall assembly insulates, deadens sound transmission, enjoys an approved fire rating, and is structurally superior to a standard exterior wall assembly. We seek to achieve an STC rating of at least 53 in our exterior wall assembly illustration which includes the Homosote 440 Sound Barrier Board

We succeed to block out loud noise and build a quiet house to create a peaceful environment. Our homes include many favorable factors for the occupants to enjoy these health benefits of a quiet home:
Easier to concentrate
Open to more reflection (of good times)
Less stress…fewer headaches
Deeper sleep
Resulting in overall happiness

And we also strive to achieve control of sound transmission between rooms/floors in our home not just from the outside. We build our floor system beginning with Posi-Strut joists with a first layer of 1 1/8 inch plywood then a layer of ½ inch Homosote 440 Sound Barrier board on top.

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.