We at MC Building, Inc. research to feature quality building products we intend to build with. Another quality building product is Knauf fiberglass insulation’s ECOBATT. Knauf’s insulation products are manufactured with ECOSE technology, a smarter alternative to traditional fiberglass products.

About Knauf

ECOBATT Fiberglass insulation by Knauf offers 3 benefits:
1- Fiberglass insulation for exterior walls: Insulation reduces energy loss Which saves energy costs
2- Fiberglass insulation for interior walls/ceilings: Unfaced Insulation installed between the wall Studs reducing room to room sound transmission
3- Fiberglass insulation for interior walls/ ceilings: Unfaced Insulation installed between ceilingJoists helps in reducing sound transmission and The spread of potential fires

More building products manufactured by Knauf Insulation:
Also important is their water-based ECOSEAL Plus Sealant, which fills joints, gaps and penetrations preventing air infiltration through the building envelope.
And ECOFILL WX Blowing Wool Intended for weatherizing & retrofitting existing buildings or new construction in providing needed thermal performance

JetSpray Thermal Spray-On Insulation System
Jet Spray will provide premium performance in spray foam insulation on exterior walls. JetSpray also delivers both thermal and acoustical benefits offering comfort, safety, and efficiency for the

MC Building, Inc. wall assembly building with ECOBatt Insulation acting to ensure comfort and assists in
reducing sound transmission

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.