MC Building, Inc. is again proudly promoting another quality building product: MiTek

About MiTek

MiTek is a global company focused on providing integrated software , services, engineered products, and automated solutions for the building industry worldwide. Innovating and expanding into aspects of global building MiTek empowers their clients to improve the way they design, make and build.

MiTek Generates Breakthroughs in Building Components

With our knowledge and engineering capabilities we enjoy a position to offer new innovations and solutions introducing key industry breakthroughs.

Post-Struts combine the light weight of timber and the strength of steel to span greater floor lengths and enjoy more design freedom. Posi-Strut floor systems allow more flexible room size possibilities due to their clear spanning capabilities.

Key Benefits of Posi Strut

Longer Bearing Spans
Allows for more design freedom

Eliminates extra labor for drilling many holes
The open web design allows plumbers, electricians and sheet metal workers to install their pipes
without drilling through many wood floor joists

Avoids the need for building soffits
With the open wed design even ductwork can be placed within the open web

Lightweight Construction
Enables carpenters to handle the floor joists safely and easily

Wider surface top chord
Enables carpenters easier nailing of the plywood decking to the top chord

Factory Manufactured
Ensures quality control with each floor joist

Top Chord Bearing Ability
Reduces time installing joist hangers

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.