Don’t just ventilate your home, make your house a healthy home with CERV Smart Ventilation.

MC Building, Inc. is proud to promote we include quality building products like the CERV home heating/energy recovery, air conditioning and fresh air systems.

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About Build Equinox

Build Equinox, are pioneers of the Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator “CERV” units. Their heating, ventilating, air cooling, fresh air intake, recirculation modes, and filters are housed in a single compact appliance. Any home using the “CERV” units will improve sleep value; enjoy superior indoor air quality, comfort, and performance. No standard HVAC system can match the outstanding performance offered by Build Equinox.

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CERV Smart Ventilation System by Build Equinox

Don’t just ventilate your home, make your house a healthy home with CERV Smart Ventilation.

The CERV is a heat-pump based ERV that maintains excellent indoor air quality. High-performance homes feature tight envelopes and the CERV brings in fresh air while performing energy recovery with its efficient heat pump energy technology. The CERV actively heats or cools and dehumidifies incoming fresh air. This makes the CERV ideal for any climate, whether hot and humid or cold. The CERV is wifi connected so you can monitor and manage your home’s indoor air quality right from your smart-phone or computer. the CERV online, making it even smarter. This enables online monitoring and control of a CERV from any internet-connected device and provides information on the home’s indoor air quality impact on occupant health, cognition, and sleep.

● Automatic Air Quality Measurement and Control
● Fresh Air Ventilation & Recirculation Modes
● Heat Pump Based ERV – Energy Recovery & Conditioning
● Variable speed Compressor & ECM Fans
● Smart Phone & Touch Screen Control
● Designed & Built in the USA | 100% Solar Powered Factory!