World Dryer Corp

MC Building is Sponsored by World Dryer Corp

MC Building Inc. is proud to announce our new sponsorship with World Dryer Corp. Not only are we proud to display and sell their products here, but we are also excited to say we will install them with your home when purchased!

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About World Dryer Corp

At World Dryer, we’re on a never-ending mission to build solutions upon our customers’ challenges and insights without compromising the pillars of safety, sanitation, performance, and compliance.

Their Amazing Products

VMax V2



Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.

The Main Towel Management Activities

Purchasing Towels:

You shop and seek out deals/coupons for your everyday towels. Then there are holidays and invited guest functions which require guest towels and special appearance towels…..make sure you display those towels.

Displaying Towels:

Towels are not an architectural design element or are the towel bars and after the
their first use the user does not position the towel properly and the towel becomes
untidy looking. And sometimes the towels wind up on the floor. What really looks
tacky are towel rings as the towel placement appears messy.

Damp Towels:

How long does it take when a family arrives home and everyone washes their hands at once for the towels to get damp? And when you host a party and guests arrive they eventually attempt to dry their hands with damp towels! Who likes attempting to dry your hands with a damp almost wet towel at exciting parties?

Clean Towels:

How often are towels exchanged for clean towels? Your hands can transfer microbes as towels are often damp, warm and absorbent. According to an article, towels should be changed every day. But by washing towels often can wear them out and washing requires water and detergent. And by throwing them in the dryer requires more energy to dry them.

Storing Towels:

When taking towels from the dryer you now need to fold and store them in a convenient place which consumes valuable space somewhere.

Towel Importance:

We stress the importance of washing your hands every time you return home or
before eating no matter where you are.


To avoid all the potential spreading of germs and labor involved with towel management, we prefer to install hand dryers manufactured by “World Dryer” Corporation.