Quiet Rock by Pabco Gypsum

We at MC Building, Inc. continue to feature quality building products that we intend to build with.Another such building product is “QuietRock” and “Sound Curb” by Pabco Gypsum. QuietRock and Sound Curb are reducing sound transmission drywall. In our featured website model BoKs House we have placed a home theater and will install “Sound Curb” in the ceiling preventing sound transmission from traveling upwards throughout the house and “QuietRock” on the interior walls. And in another portion of our completed basement we will install “QuietRock” in our wall assembly so when billiards and other activities are enjoyed with cool refreshments, the group of friends don’t have to worry about being too loud.

About QuietRock

Quiet Rock by Pabco Gypsum offer many benefits:
Important acoustic performance
Easy installation – installs just like regular drywall
Saves space – compared to other STC assemblies
Lower cost – compared to other STC assemblies
Proven – is installed in thousands of projects across the U.S. and Canada

Also ¾ inch “sound curb” installed in your ceiling offers a fire rating.
STC means: Sound Transmission Class

QuietRock reduces noise transmission by constrained layer damping (CLD) technology. CLD panels contain a viscoelastic polymer layer that allows the gypsum layers to independently shear, dissipating the acoustic energy of the sound wave. This results in less audible energy passing through the board.

Other QuietRock panel products
EZ Snap 5/8 thick
QuietRock 510 ½ thick
QuietRock 530 5/8 thick
QuietRock 545 1 3/8 thick a supreme STC rating

More QuietRock associated products
Acoustical sealants: Quiet Putty
Glues and coatings

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.