SOSS Door Hardware

MC Building, Inc. is again proudly promoting another quality building product: SOSS Door Hardware

About SOSS Door Hardware

Since 1903 SOSS Door Hardware claims 100 plus years of engineering game placed into your home’s door and door frame!
Truly an Engineering Marvel
Their recognized fame begins with the …..SOSS Invisible Hinge.
All doors should hinge on SOSS

Their hinges are strong to swing a wide and heavy entrance door. And their hinge will never need to be adjusted and has no pins that could be removed! Their hinge is impossible to be tampered with in the closed position! Hinges and gutters are not an architectural highlight, but both are important. And thanks to SOSS thought and engineering, door hinges can be invisible.

We appreciate SOSS door
hardware at the very core
Even when your hands are full
Just use your free elbow to pull
You’ll discover it’s such an easy touch
So to open any of our solid doors, just raise the stylish SOSS UltraLatch
Brilliantly engineered and designed entirely from scratch
This new knob forms a comfortable feel so your fingers do not attach
Offering solid functioning hardware to create a perfect match

The SOSS UntraLatch is
Strong: It is made of only top quality materials and constructed in the USA. The baser material for the SOSS UntraLatch is zinc die cast.

Comfortable: The UltraLatch is designed to conform to the shape of your hand and allows clearance for your knuckles.

Convenient: Because of the UltraLatch’s comfortable shape, opening doors is easy. If your hands are full, this revolutionary door hardware works well with your elbow and even your hip.

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.