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We at MC Building, Inc. pride ourselves in everything we do especially in discovering quality building products to include in all our outstanding construction projects.

At MC Building, Inc. we are proud to promote quality building products such as SRW Products, Adhesives and More….

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About SRW Products

SRW Products offers over 100 hardscape products and accessories. Adhesives, Polymeric Sands, Sealers, Fabrics, Cleaners and more. With over 30 years in the hardscape industry, they are known for their innovative and comprehensive product base.

Their Amazing Products

We at MC Building, Inc. installed a new entrance door to the historic Water Tower in Western Springs IL  We anchored the new frame to the existing masonry using proven mechanical methods. We then applied SRW’s “Vertical Instant Lock” adhesive for further stronger anchoring against the irregular masonry stone surfaces of the existing water tower completed in 1893.  The result is a stable solid door frame for the Water Tower museum patrons. 

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.