MC Building, Inc. Is again proudly promoting another quality building product: ThermaSeath-SI

About ThermaSeath-SI

ThermaSeath-SI is a revolutionary new structural insulated exterior sheathing panel by Rmax. Rmax since 1978 has been creating building solutions based on the most recent building science. Rmax insulation has been engineered and tested to provide building envelopes with superior insulating protection while meeting new building codes.


ThermaSealth-SI offers homeowners and builders a fantastic 4 in 1 advantage:
1- Includes structural qualities as plywood provides
2 – Insulation qualities as high as R-6 and provides continuous insulation protection
Applying R-seal 3000 tape at the seams is required Rejects thermal bridging where the studs are in contact
3 – Manufactured with an air barrier which prevents air intrusion
4 – Their manufacturing process includes impermeable foil facing which is a water-resistive barrier which prevents water and moisture intrusion

Product Description – ThermaSeath-SI

ThermaSheath-SI is a composite (97% recycled) product made up of an insulation and structural component that is designed to work seamlessly with non-structural Rmax ThermaSeath. The insulation component is an energy-efficient thermal insulation board composed of closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam bonded to reflective, reinforced aluminum facers providing superior physical and thermal properties along with a durable radiant barrier surface. The structural component is a board made of fibered, specially treated plies that are pressure- laminated with a water-resistant adhesive.

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