We at MC Building, Inc. are always at work seeking innovative building products to present to any potential home buyers. We take pride in building a well-built healthy home enriched (behind the walls) with exceptional value. In the continuous process of accomplishing this objective MC Building, Inc. has
discovered the “TSTUD”.


The “TSTUD” manufactured by US Engineered Wood Inc. is an engineered 2×6 wood stud designed for residential exterior or interior wall construction with the following significant benefits:

– Eliminates thermal bridging
– Allows for more space for insulation 5 ½ inches
– which creates more space for deadening of sound transmission
– Stronger than regular 2×6 wood framing
– Spans 24 inches on center
– With fiberglass chosen as the wall insulation an accepted fire rating is achieved

Access to their full line of products, gladly installed by MC Building.